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Being a young entrepreneur means you need to go hardships and trainings from the "real deal", Dean Graziosi, and undergo his training or workshops to enlighten yourself of what to do next. Thus, with the $2000 registration fee for the Insiders Edge Seminar is quite a big risk.

But as they say, no guts no glory and on this one, I flunked. For the said seminar, all he talked about was this and that. Much less it would make me happy if he at least talked about what it needs to become successful in the real estate business, but it was not worth the $2000.

If you hear from their speakers to get 2 credit cards from one bank, we already know where this is going to. If you think straight, would you do such a thing? Concealing your identity until you sold the property definitely is quite intriguing. I am no expert in Real Estate but doing what they are currently suggesting will make me a lawbreaker. That is definitely a no no. I would rather work harder for clean money; rather than break the law that may send me to jail. That I will avoid. So as to you, Mr. Real Deal Dean Graziosi, get a life! Don't go robbing in broad day light. Don't waste your name on crimes like this. Karma nowadays is digital. It reflects back really quick. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

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I've had to wonder why someone as successful as Dean Graziosi, would have to go around selling courses on how to become rich in realestate? It makes no sense unless the real money is in selling courses!

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